Sheer Madness College showcase

Sheer Madness showcases were founded and currently operate to bring incredible exposure events to Northeast Ohio. The goal is to give an opportunity for all athletes to be seen by college coaches who are attending with the singular purpose of actually recruiting. The original Sheer Madness event was established 15 years ago with a double elimination format and our events continue to be set in a highly competitive structure because college coaches want to see athletes compete and not just play to be recruited. The tournaments are run by former college athletes and current or former college coaches with the purpose of growing this great sport and to give all of you the best experience possible. We believe our hospitality and customer service are second to none so please contact us if you need anything. We hope you will come and compete as hard as you can, fight for your team in front of college coaches, and continue to fall in love with the greatest game on earth!

Sheer Madness Events are an official partner with AthletesGoLive Streaming and our events will be supported by Athletes Go Live with AGL All-Tournament Teams!